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Building management systems make it possible for everyone to have a secure and easier life not only in big buildings but in all sorts of living areas. These low-cost systems, which can now be installed to your home as well, transform your living environment to an even more comfortable place. Optimus Doruk, using the state-of-the-art technology, works for you to make you feel more comfortable in your home.

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About Us

Optimus Doruk was founded in 2010 as a result of the merger of two companies: Doruk Electrics (1997) and Optimus Electronics (2004). The former is an expert company on board/panel manufacture and electrical installations while the latter specializes in building automation systems.

Optimus Doruk is the sole partner of the world’s leading company ABB, for intelligent building products (KNX/EIB) in Turkey. The company has the manufacturing rights of ABB ArTu board series (type-tested in compliance with IEC439-1) since the partnership agreement signed in 1999. In its 2000m2 manufacturing plant, Optimus Doruk produces low-voltage distribution boards up to 6300A and IEC439-1 type-tested low-voltage distribution boards up to 4000A. The other products manufactured by Optimus Doruk include lighting panels, motor control circuit boards, compensation panels, compensation and harmonic filter compensation panels.

As a leading company in the sector, Optimus Doruk aims to offer customer-oriented, eco-friendly and fast solutions to its customers for the application of building automation systems. As a result of its vast experience in the sector, Optimus Doruk has numerous references from a wide range of customers. With its expert staff, the company offers all sorts of automation services including lighting, heating/cooling, security and window blinds automation within the framework of KNX standards.

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